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Annual Reports
Strategic Plans
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Lacor Hospital Strategic Plan 2007 - 2012PDF Document362.19Download
Lacor Hospital Strategic Plan 2017 - 2022PDF Document134.99Download
Scientific Publications
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Lacor Hospital Strategic Plan 2012-2017 1,213.21Download
High prevalence of Hepatitis B virus infection among pregnant mothers attending antenatal care in northern Uganda 134.99Download
High burden of hepatitis B infection in Northern Uganda: results of a population based survey 134.99Download
Use of the 2008 Basel Consensus Statements to improve Pharmacy practice at Lacor Hosptial 134.99Download
Prevalence of Hospital Acquired infections can be reduced in deceloping countries 134.99Download
Strategic Plan 2007 - 2012PDF 362.19Download
Intimate Partner Violence Screening 321.94Download
Importance of LH on the local economyPDF Document608.19Download
Antibiotic susceptibility of Staphylococcus aureus in suppurative lesionsPDF134.99Download
Mortality after Fluid Bolus in African children with severe infectionPDF749.75Download
Intensive care in the developing worldPDF209.78Download
Competing demands and limmited resources in the context of war, poverty and diseasePDF266.55Download
Costing health services in Lacor HospitalPDF232.14Download
Economic impact of Lacor Hospital on the surrounding areaPDF329.78Download
Evaluating HIV testing algorithms for research, diagnosis and surveillancePDF27.16Download
High velocity missile injuries of the liverPDF470.33Download
Analysis of Lacor Hospital laboratory servicesPDF590.16Download
Penetrating abdominal war injuries among the war victims at Lacor Hospital PDF451.58Download
Sigmoid Volvulus and Ileosigmoid Knotting at St. Mary’s Hospital Lacor PDF231.12Download
Upper gastrointestinal endoscopic findings in adolescents at Lacor HospitalPDF225.29Download
WISN methodology to assess work pressure among nursing staffPDF563.52Download
Immune activation in HIV-infected African individualsPDF217.09Download
Immune activation in Africa is environmentally-drivenPDF264.19Download
HIV, malaria parasites, and acute febrile episodes in Ugandan adults: a case control studyPDF137.11Download
Trend in HIV-1 prevalence in an antenatal clinic in North Uganda and adjusted rates for the general female populationPDF157.70Download
Evaluating two adjustment methods to extrapolate HIV prevalence from pregnant women to the general femalePDF103.49Download
Using prevalence data from the programme for the prevention of mother-to-child-transmission for HIV-1 surveillance in North UgandaPDF70.61Download
Investigating factors associated with uptake of HIV voluntary counselling and testing among pregnant women in North UgandaPDF77.10Download
The increasing burden of infectious diseases on hospital services at LHPDF58.52Download
Impact of insecurity, the AIDS epidemic and poverty on population health: disease patterns and trends in North UgandaPDF86.87Download
HIV-1 prevalence and factors associated with infection in the conflict-affected region of North UgandaPDF270.61Download
Ebola Hemorrhagic Fever Transmission and Risk Factors of Contacts, UgandaPDF259.63Download
Evaluating HIV testing algorithms for research, diagnosis and surveillancePDF26.75Download
Impact of voluntary counsellling and testing and health education on HIV prevention among secondary school studentsPDF53.41Download
Estimating HIV Prevalence and the Impact of HIV/AIDS on a Ugandan Hospital by Combining Serosurvey Data and Hospital Discharge RecordsPDF257.71Download
The burden of traditional practices, ebino and tea-tea, on child health in Northern UgandaPDF149.99Download
Differences in fertility by HIV serostatus and adjusted HIV prevalence data from an antenatal clinic in northern UgandaPDF101.59Download
‘Killer’ canines: the morbidity and mortality of ebino in northern UgandaPDF141.54Download
The disease profile of poverty: morbidity and mortality in northern Uganda PDF273.38Download
A high prevalence of HIV-1 infection among pregnant women living in a rural district of north Uganda severely affected by civil strifePDF155.80Download
Differences in hospital admissions for males and females in northern Uganda in the period 1992—2004PDF287.36Download
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