Thank You Doctor

A patient pens an emotional thank you letter to Dr Sande & Team

(Original text)

Good afternoon my Doctor.

I just want to thank you wholeheartedly for being such a kind and thoughtful voice when I needed it most.

Thank you for your calm demeanour and thoughtful words.

Thank you and your staff, for staying in positive spirit. Dr. Simon, Nurse Gloria and Juliet are a team that you can always trust. They were all very good to me and they made the journey of my labor bearable.

You, Dr. Ojara, are my anchor, my guiding light and a God sent. I don’t know how you do your work, but all I know is that you are a blessing to your profession and I truly appreciate it.

May God Almighty continue protecting you and your families, so that you continue to touch many more lives.

Medical workers should be like the four of you. You were a great team.
I will put you in my prayers always.

May God answer your most silent prayer 🙏
And I thank you most sincerely.

God Bless you always 🙏

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