Board of Directors

Happy and healthy - Mother and baby.

Happy and healthy Mother and baby.

The Board of Directors, headed by the Archbishop of Gulu Roman Catholic Archdiocese, is the major policy decision-making body of Lacor Hospital. The Board establishes the policies and supervises their implementation. The Board also appoints the Hospital Director, the Deputy Director, the Medical Superintendent and the Administrator. The Hospital Director and the Deputy Director on his behalf are the overall in charge of the Hospital.

Name Personal position Board position
HG. John Baptist Odama Archbishop Gulu RC Archdiocese Chairman
HL. Sabino Odoki Auxiliary Bishop, Gulu Archdiocese Non-Exec. Member
Justice Galdino Okello Judge of the Supreme Court of Uganda Non-Exec. Member
Representative Italian Cooperation Non-Exec. Member
Mr. Pier Paul Ocaya Diocesan Health Coordinator Non-Exec. Member
Dr. Dominique Corti President Corti Foundation, Milan Non-Exec. Member
Mr. Guido Coppadoro 2nd representative of Corti Foundation Non-Exec. Member
Mr. Okema Akena Achellis Retired General Manager Banking, Bank of Uganda, Manager Private Bank, Kampala Non-Exec. Member
Dr. Isaac Ezati Alidria Deputy Director Mulago National Referral Hospital Non-Exec. Member
Dr. Cyprian Opira Executive Director, Lacor Hospital Executive Member
Dr. Emintone A. Odong Medical Director, Lacor Hospital Executive Member
Dr. Martin Ogwang Institutional Director, Lacor Hospital Executive Member
Mr. Roberto Gestri Hospital Administrator Executive Member