From the beginning of the seventies, starting with the presidency of Idi Amin, Uganda experienced a severe economic downfall and finding even the simplest goods was difficult if not impossible. The hospital had to procure most goods from abroad. From 1986 peace was gradually re-established in the South and the economy improved, but due to the terrible civil conflict which ensued in the North until 2006, suppliers were unwilling to travel to the North.

The hospital has therefore developed a strong technical department allowing it to be totally self-reliant for construction works and maintenance, wood and metal carpentry, energy supply and distribution, water supply and distribution, waste management, installation and maintenance of medical and nonmedical equipment (X-ray machines, autoclaves, washing machines and cold rooms), fire prevention, transport of goods and containers from the capital in Southern Uganda.

The technical department was developed since 1982 by Italian Catholic Missionary Comboni brother Elio Croce. Throughout the years of civil conflict during which very few opportunities for learning a job were present in the region, the workshop has allowed and still allows many young people to learn a job, develop technical skills and eventually start their own small business.

  • Water Supply
  • Electricity
  • Waste Management