Current Openings

Placement at St. Mary’s Hospital Lacor

St. Mary’s hospital Lacor accepts students/volunteers for training programs from various learning Institutions to gain hands-on knowledge and further their careers in the respective study programs. It’s therefore a prerequisite for every student intending to train with us to meet all the requirements for the program obtainable from Personnel Office. Slots are limited and it’s on a first come first served basis.

We welcome individuals from the following categories:

  1. Students from universities and tertiary institutions come on an individual basis
  2. Institutional-based arrangements
  3. Students posted by the Ministry of Health
  4. Foreign nationals/Electives – Through Corti Foundation, Italy or individual basis


Requirement for Attachment/Elective/Industrial Training/Placement

Below are the requirements:

a) Insurance (personal accident insurance) Cover

b) Attachment fee of 55,000 per month

c) COVID. 19 vaccination certificate

d) Passport size photo (1)

e) Copy of National Identification Card

f) A copy of posting instructions from the institution of study or a handwritten application.

We welcome you to St. Mary’s Hospital Lacor.

How to Apply

Interested individuals should write to the following address:

Personnel Office,
St. Mary’s Hospital Lacor,
P.O. Box 180,
Gulu, Uganda.

Or by email to: