The Executive Director is the Chief Executive Officer. Two other Directors, Institutional Director and the Medical Director, work hand in hand with the Executive Director but with clearly defined responsibilities.
The Executive Committee, with the Hospital Management Team having an advisory role, make the day-to-day operational decisions.

1.1. Executive Committee:                                                                                                                                                              The Executive Director heads the Executive Committee which comprises of the three Directors, the Administrator, the Hospital Secretary and the Senior Nursing Officer. These are responsible for the operations of Lacor Hospital. The Executive Committee meets every two weeks, but may convene meetings as and when the situation demands.

1.2 The Hospital Management Team:                                                                                                                                               The Hospital Management Team comprises of all Heads of Departments, Clinical, Administrative and Technical Services. This team is the main link between the top management and Hospital staff and meets once in two months. The Medical Director is the overseer of all the medical services and the Institutional Director is responsible for legal and institutional matters, including human resource management and financial matters.

The non-medical and administrative issues are the responsibilities of the Hospital Administrator.

The Hospital Matron and her assistants are responsible for all nursing matters, supervised by the Medical Director.