Board of Directors

The Board of Governors is the supreme policymaking and controlling body of the whole Hospital Complex, including the main Hospital, the Training Schools and the three Health Centres of Opit, Pabbo and Amuru.

His Grace the Archbishop of Gulu, in the name and on behalf of The Registered Trustees of Gulu Diocese, is the Chairman of the Board of Governors of the Hospital and has specific appointment and veto powers as stipulated in this Statute.

The Board establishes the policies and supervises their implementation. It also appoints the Hospital Directors, and the Administrator. The Hospital Directors on his behalf, are the overall in charge of the Hospital.

H.G Archbishop John Baptist Odama, Chairman Board of Directors

Dr. Cyprian Opira, Executive Director

Dr. Martin Ogwang, Institutional Director

Dr. Emintone A. Odong, Medical Director

Mr. Guido Coppadoro, Board Member

Dr. Dominique Corti, Board Member, President Corti Foundation

Justice Okello Galdino, Board Member

Mr. Okema Akena Achellis, Board Member

Mr. Pier Paul Ocaya, Secretary to the Board

Dr. Paul Onek, Board Member

Mr. Thomas Alessandro Molteni, Non-member – Invited Resource Person – Hospital Internal Auditor