The Department of surgery Lacor, containing 134 beds, is a busy department which is organized into smaller units for ease of administration and division of labour. Beside the emergency unit with 8 beds, primarily for Accidents and Emergency patient reception and resuscitation, the department consist of:

Unit Description Bed Capacity
burns unit clean fresh burns wounds 8
Surgery one septic wounds and dirty operations 60
Surgery Two wounds and clean surgeries 56
ICU All cases of critical care 10
Total   134



In keeping with the mission as well as Corporate Social Responsibility values, we organize and conduct 4 free surgical camps per year in the field of paediatric surgery, orthopaedics, endocrine (Goitre), Urology etc. Students from the faculty of Medicine at Gulu University, also train in our department.

Paediatric Surgery

Paediatric surgery: this is  a highly-specialized field of surgery which is only offered in the national referral hospital in Kampala in this country. In Lacor, this service is also organized as a surgical camp in collaboration with expatriate surgeons  once a year, to treat  infants who were unfortunate to be born with abnormalities including anorectal malformation (picture), megacolon, hypospadius, ambigious genitalia.

Endoscopy: is one of our unique services, the only one north of Kurumba falls, serving over 1100 patients with gastrointestinal disorders per year with average waiting time of 1 week.

The Operating Theatre is where all major surgeries are done under general anaesthesia. With regular support supervision and adherence to strict asepsis and universal precautions in the theatre, the rate of post-operative wound infection is minimal and comparable with those in other developed nations. Our output is 86 major operations per week.

The only intensive care unit to the north and west of the river Nile in Uganda is found in Lacor hospital.  With only a 10 beds capacity,  we are able to ventilate 5 patients concurrently. Many patients suffering from envenomed snake bites have been saved by ventilating them for 24-48hrs. Tetanus patients in whom the ventilation and muscle relaxation takes an average of 40days are also treated here. All other intensive care services are offered in the unit except for heroic interventions like exchange transfusion and major organ transplants.



  • Accident and emergency service, twenty four hours a day, seven days a week
  • Availability of specialized surgical consult and intervention, twenty four hours a day, seven days a week
  • Major ward visit/consult to patient by a surgeon twice weekly
  • Daily ward round/visit/consultation to patients by junior house officer
  • Endoscopy examinations available three times a week
  • Major theatre operations three times a week
  • Out-patient consultation twice a week
  • Private surgical clinic consult once a week
  • Private endoscopy
  • Daily Minor surgical intervention
  • As a team of general surgeons, we offer surgeries in the field of Abdominal surgery, Urology, Gastrointestinal, thyroid, breast, paediatrics, Neurosurgery, orthopaedics and all the fields of general surgery.