A Legacy of Service: The Oboma Family’s Enduring Contribution to Lacor Hospital

In the heart of Lacor Hospital, a story of dedication and service has been woven into its very fabric—a story that spans over six decades and two generations of the Oboma family.

It all began in 1960 when Mr. Oboma John joined Lacor Hospital as a storekeeper. With meticulous care, he managed the hospital’s supplies, ensuring that the medical staff had everything they needed to provide exceptional care to patients. His commitment to his role was unwavering, and for thirty years, he was a familiar face to all who passed through the hospital’s storerooms.

In 1990, Mr. Oboma transitioned to serve as a Gateman, a position he held with equal dedication for six years before retiring. His presence at the gates was more than just a security measure; it was a welcoming embrace for visitors and a fond farewell for those departing.

The legacy continued with his daughter, Ms. Lanyero Olga Joyce, who followed in her father’s footsteps of service to Lacor Hospital. As a Clinical Officer and Anesthesiologist from 1999 to 2023, Ms. Olga played a critical role in patient care. Her skilled hands and compassionate heart brought comfort and healing to countless individuals over her twenty-four years at the hospital.

A Gift of Gratitude

Ms. Lanyero Olga Joyce

On a poignant morning, with teary eyes and hearts full of gratitude, Ms. Olga and her family returned to Lacor Hospital to present a gift—a symbol of appreciation for the institution that had groomed her and her father. It was an emotional tribute to the place that had shaped their lives and careers.

Dr. Emintone Odong, the Medical Director, received the gift, a goat on behalf of Lacor Hospital with profound thanks. He acknowledged the deep roots the Oboma family had within the hospital community and expressed gratitude for their years of service.

In attendance were Dr. Martin Ogwang, the Institutional Director; Mr. Pier Paul Ocaya, the Hospital Administrator; Ms. Caroline Okello, the Deputy Administrator – HR; and other family members of Mr. Oboma—all united in celebrating the legacy that had been built.

An Inspiration for Future Generations

The story of Mr. Oboma John and Ms. Lanyero Olga Joyce is more than just a tale of individual commitment; it is an inspiration that echoes through the corridors of Lacor Hospital. It serves as a reminder that each person’s contribution leaves a lasting imprint on our collective mission to heal and serve.

As we share this story on our website, we honor not only the memory of Mr. Oboma John but also celebrate Ms. Lanyero Olga Joyce’s enduring impact on our community.

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