This department is a very busy one. We receive on average more than 15,000 clients coming for radiological services annually.


  1. Fluoroscopic machines- Digital
  2. X-ray machines
  3. Ultrasound Machines (M, B, and D modes) with curve linear, Linear, Endocavitary and Phase Array Transducers. All the Ultrasound Machines have Doppler function.
  4. RIS (LAN).
  5. CR + Digital system
  6. Dark Room for Back-up

UPCOMING PROJECT->Computed Tomography Scan(CT scan)


Sub-Units of Radiology Department

  1. Maternity (Ultrasound unit)
  2. Private wing(Ultrasound unit)
  3. Other three ultrasound units in Lacor health centers (Pabbo, Opit and Amuru)



We have the following categories of staff;

  1. Senior Consultant Radiologist
  2. Senior Radiographers
  3. Radiographers
  4. Midwife obstetric/Gynecological sonographers

Training institutions we support

We are in partnership with the following institutions whereby we offer training to their students;

  1. Med Rad Makerere university students
  2. School of Radiography (Diploma-Mulago)
  3. Gulu University Medical Students

Trainings Offered

  1. Post graduate visiting students from Italy (Echocardiography)
  2. For the last 10yrs we have been a site for up country experience field for Radiography Students
  3. Students for Masters, Degree and Diploma placements.
  4. On job training for midwives
  5. Training to our staff by a team of radiologists from USA on MSK (Shoulder u/s and steroid injection).
  6. Continuous Medical Education (CME).

Services offered

  1. Plain radiography (chest x-ray, abdominal x-ray and bones imaging).
  2. Mammography
  3. Contrast studies;
  • GIT(gastro-intestinal tract) -Ba Swallow

-Ba Meal

-Ba follow through

-Ba Enema

  • IVU/IVP (Intravenous urography/intravenous pyelography).
  • HSG (Hysterosalpingography)
  • CUG (Cystourethrography).
  • PTHC (Percutaneous Transhepatic Cholangiography)
  • Percutanous pyelography.
  • Sialography
  • Breast ductography
  1. Ultrasonography; -Abdominal u/s

-Obstetric u/s

-Gynecological u/s

-Endocavitary(Endovaginal+Endorectal u/s).

-Echocardiography (Cardiac echo).

-Cranial u/s

-Small Part

-Vascular u/s(Duplex study)

  1. Interventional;

-PEI (Percutaneous Ethanol Injection)


-U/s guided Biopsies

  1. Cancer Screening;

-Ca Prostate, Ultrasound + u/s guided Biopsy

-Ca Breast, Ultrasound + Mammography.