Honoring Excellence: Lacor Receives the Prestigious ‘Service Above Self’ Award

May 28th, 2024, presents a significant milestone in the continuous endeavor of St. Mary’s Hospital Lacor to deliver high-quality, affordable, and sustainable healthcare services to marginalized individuals. During the commemoration of their 39th anniversary at Acholi Inn in Gulu City, the Rotary Club of Gulu honored us with the prestigious ‘Service Above Self’ certificate, underscoring our commitment to excellence in service delivery.

The esteemed award was presented to Mr. Piero Paul, the Administrator of Lacor Hospital, by Jolly Laker Grace, President of the Rotary Club of Gulu.

The Rotary Club of Gulu is a local chapter of Rotary International, a global organization committed to service and community development. In Gulu, the club undertakes a range of projects aimed at improving the quality of life for individuals in the community. These endeavors include providing clean water, bolstering education, advancing healthcare, and other impactful initiatives.

Jolly said St. Mary’s Hospital Lacor, as a partner committed to corporate social responsibility, has exemplified excellence in successfully fulfilling its mission to deliver high-quality, affordable, and sustainable healthcare services to those in need. The hospital’s selfless dedication to the well-being of humanity aligns seamlessly with Rotary’s fundamental priorities, specifically in the areas of Disease Prevention and Treatment, as well as Maternal and Child Health.

‘’We, the Rotarians of Gulu, express our sincere gratitude to St. Mary’s Hospital Lacor for their unwavering support of our programs, which range from women’s screening to HIV/AIDS testing, as well as providing transport and actively participating in our cancer run. We extend our heartfelt thanks to Lacor for their invaluable contributions to our causes.’’ The President conveyed these sentiments.

Piero Paul, the administrator, expressed his feelings of pride and joy as he discussed the team’s hard work and dedication resulting in the recent recognition. He highlighted that receiving the certificate of “Service Above Self” reaffirms the hospital’s commitment to positively impacting the lives of others.

This recognition serves as a driving force for the entire Lacor Hospital team to maintain excellence in care and service. It will inspire and energize healthcare professionals and support staff, uniting them in their dedication to upholding the highest standards of care and service delivery.

Lacor Hospital delivers healthcare services to a substantial patient population, attending to approximately 250,000 individuals annually. Its areas of medical services encompass surgery, maternity care, pediatrics, HIV/AIDS treatment, and general medicine.

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