Lacor gets new Hospital Administrator & Deputy Directors

Lacor gets new Hospital Administrator & Deputy Directors

LACOR, GULU. The Board of Directors St. Mary’s Hospital Lacor has named Pier Paul Ocaya the new Hospital Administrator. An experienced leader, Pier Paul joined Lacor Hospital in 1993, serving in different capacities before rising to the rank of the Hospital Secretary. He takes on a role that has been vacant for some time following the departure of Mr. Evandro and he is expected to start immediately.

Other new appointees include Dr. Emmanuel Ochola as the Deputy Director Institutional Affairs, Dr. Kansiime Jackson as the Deputy Medical Director – Clinical Services, Ojok Godfrey P’Kingston as the Deputy Medical Director – Community Affairs and Okello Caroline as the Deputy Administrator – Human Resources.

Dr. Emmanuel joined the Hospital in 2006 while Dr. Kansiime joined in 2004; both as Medical Officers after completing their internship from the Hospital. Dr. Emmanuel is a Senior Epidemiologist & Biostatistician in charge of our ART Clinic and Medical Records whereas Dr. Kansiime is our Head Physician in the department of Internal Medicine.

Dr. Godfrey is our Principal Medical Clinical Officer who joined the Hospital in 2009. He supervises all clinical officers at the Hospital including the peripheral health centers. Caroline Okello has been the Personnel Officer since 2003.

“The second generation of managers have done their part and it is time to begin to prepare the next generation of leaders and managers,” said Dr. Cyprian Opira, the Executive Director. “Our request is for patience, team work and collaboration to carry us through these times.”

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