The Hospital wants to promote the access to health care of the weakest social groups, like women, children, people in destitute financial conditions, and people affected by chronic diseases who are unable to provide for themselves, offering to all of them a quality medical service.

Lacor Hospital cares for over 300,000 patients each year, of which approximately 85% are outpatients and 14% are inpatients.

Children below five make up approximately 45% of these patients, while pregnant mothers (antenatal clinic and deliveries) attract an additional 10% of all the contacts of the year.

Thus, more than half of all the 300,000 patients served in Lacor Hospital in each of the last years were children and pregnant women. All services related to pregnancy (surgery included) and all services to children below five are free for both out and in-patients in the Hospital’s Health Centres, while in the Hospital they are free for in-patients and for antenatal clinic but only a token fee is asked for children out-patients. Patients with chronic diseases pay reduced fees and patients in proven destitute financial position are enrolled in a free-treatment scheme

No patient is refused treatment for lack of financial means.