US Ambassador praises Lacor for effective utilisation of donor funds

The new U.S. Ambassador to Uganda H.E William Popp has praised Lacor Hospital for its proper management of donor funds. This came at the back of his first visit to northern Uganda with Lacor Hospital as his first stop.

“It’s really a privilege and always incredibly inspiring to see where assistance from a donor, from a government – we have USAID here, we have Centre for Disease Control, we have PEPFAR program – various parts of US government working together, but when we see our partners working together to implement these resources and be so successful, it really gives such an underscoring of the impact of what we can do together,” said the Ambassador.

Lacor Hospital has been a partner in implementing various programs sponsored by the American people for many years with nearly 40% of its donations coming from the American government to implement programs tackling HIV and cancer.

“We have had an amazing collaboration with the US govt dating way back in 2000 when the country was hit by Ebola”, says Dr. Martin Ogwang, the Institutional Director.

The Ambassador was visiting the region to meet Ugandans doing life-saving work in the health sector with support from the US Government. He was received by HG Archbishop John Baptist Odama, our Board Chairman.

He toured the entire hospital, visiting different units where funds from the American government have been channeled into including the Children’s Ward which was constructed in 2003 by USAID, Maternity, Main Laboratory, the Pharmacy where CDC set up the first Ebola lab during the outbreak in 2000 and the cemetery where noble men and women who died in the line of duty are laid to rest.

Ambassador Popp expressed gratitude to the management and staff of St Mary’s Hospital Lacor for effectively using the resources given to them.

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